A Snake Telling You To Eat From The Wisdom Tree

You figure that you must be hallucinating, but at least, it’s better than the Red Queen’s wrath.

“There’sss a great wisssdom that liesss in her garden. Ruby roses, and petrified leavesss, silver fruit sss-sparkles. That isss your way of escape. Don’t choossee the yellow hedgehog to play croquet. There is a betrayerrr in your midst, ass great and friendly ass they seem at firssst.”

The snake slithers from its perch in the radiant tree that is hanging in mid air, and coils itself softly around your body and the Red Queen’s feet. She screeches and tumbles to the ground, smashing some of the paving below you with her rounded mass.

Letting go of you, the snake continues to wind its deviant self around her body, hissing and flashing its ivory fangs as it twists its emerald body. The Red Queen screams shrilly, breaking windows and the glass in the chandelier above you as she does so. You duck, and cover your ears; you don’t want burst ear-drums!

As the snake reaches the Red Queen’s head, it seems to do the impossible and flip itself around, so that it is now facing you, whilst still holding Her Majesty down. It bears its teeth in what seems like a grin, and you find yourself smiling back at it.

There’s something about the way its eyes are glinting that is telling you to take its advice, no matter how abstract and unconnected to your adventure it is; the room even seems quieter when you place your trust in the snake…

Finally the snake disappears, and you blink back the ache that its image has created in the back of your eyes. The Queen seems distracted, and tied somehow, she cannot move more than her furious fists.

You do what you know is best.

The End

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