“Is it fire?” you whisper into the wall. All that thinking has made your voice hoarse from lack of using it.

“Wrong!” snarls Red Eyes.

“Nope, sorry,” chirps Green Eyes. “I hope you find a way in some other way.”

Then, the hatch bangs closed and you are left in silence and darkness. In fact, that deathly darkness is at your shoulders now.

In terror, you pound on the hatch again. It slides open, but only for a second.

“No admissio-”

Please let me try another puzzle or something!” Desperate, you wedge half your hand in the gap.

“You’ll have to try yourself. Go away!”

As your hand is pushed away from the door, you collapse upon it, desperate for something,anythingto gain access. As you shut your eyes, there is a roar, and a stunning light prises them open. You jump away and stare in disbelief at the flicking flame that is squirming out of the closed panel.

Suddenly, it becomes clear to you that the whole door is on fire and it is not an illusion. Strangely, the symbols that you previously noticed are brighter than ever. Another thing you quickly notice is that, although the heat is spreading like the vicious fire and the orange light of flames are sinking to the ground and growing to the ceiling, the door is not being consumed, and there it stands, still pristine.

“Ironic,” you grumble, deciding your next move.

You could look at those symbols, but the fire might burn you if it spreads any closer. On the other hand, it is light, and the darkness behind you is not somewhere you’d want to be. Or is it?

The End

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