"Ocean?" you say unsurely.

"Ocean!" Green Eyes looks at Red Eyes excitedly. "You got it!"

Red Eyes says nothing, just grunts unhappily and rolls its eyes.

"Well, I suppose I should let you in, shouldn't I?" Green Eyes says, stating the obvious.

"No, don't open the door!" Red Eyes says, finally putting its foot down. If it had a foot. "I'm not letting you in." I think it must be addressing me, so I nod.

"See? They're nodding! Let the poor soul in before the brewing darkness makes some tea!" Green says.

"Where'd you get that silly idea from? Darkness brewing tea?" Red says.

"It's obvious. You have to brew something. You can't just have darkness brewing darkness! That's insanity!" Green giggles. "I just can't stand things which aren't realistic."

"Insane? I'll tell you what's insane. You, wanting to let that thing in." Red eyes you.

"I am not a thing!" you say, feeling offended. "I'm a human, just like ..."

You were about to say; "Just like you", but that seemed inappropriate, because you had no idea what on Earth the thing with red eyes was. You certainly hadn't seen a human with red eyes before. Well, except for ones who wore contacts.

"Do you wear contacts?" you dare to ask Red Eyes. Red Eyes scoffs.

"Contacts? What the blimey are they? No way, I'm one hundred percent natural ol' Blimden!"

"What's one hundred percent natural old Blimden?" you ask, your curiosity getting the better of you.

"That's the silly thing's name, dear," Green Eyes says. Then Green hits Red. "I'm opening the door, no matter what you say, Blimden."

Blimden snorts. "Fine, if you want to put up with the thing on the other side of your door. I'm going." Then Red Eyes leaves, with only two pairs of green eyes left blinking at you.

Then Green Eyes disappears, too. For a brief moment you panic, wondering whether Blimden did manage to convince Green Eyes to let you stay there for the rest of the night.

"No! Let me in! I won't bother you one bit!" you furiously pound on the door, trying to get Green Eyes to reappear.

"Don't worry, little one," you hear a muffled voice from the other side of the door say. You immediately stop banging.

"What are you doing there?"

"The locks ... *grunt* are a little, uff, 'ard to eepen," you hear the muffled voice say again. You stand there, wondering what to do, whether to try and help Green Eyes open the door or what. At least you think it's Green Eyes opening the door.

Before you can make up your mind, however, you hear the sound of locks sliding open, and a rustling of chains. Soon enough,  the door is opened.

The first thing you notice is a pair of scuffed boots. Your eyes slowly travel up the body until you see a face. There is a thin man standing there, a wrench and a greasing spray in his hands.

"Who are you?" you say, before seeing the large green eyes on his face. "You're Green Eyes?"

Green Eyes nods. "If that's what you call me. I'm pretty surprised myself. I mean, you're Brown Eyes?"

"Hazel, actually," you correct, before realizing you probably sound rude, which wouldn't be very smart. After all, these people are taking you in, whether you like one of them or not. "My apologies, it's easily mistaken."

The End

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