Taking a deep breath, you plunge your head under and into the icy water.

You’re just in time too, as you notice the water flooding right up to the (low) top of the earthen corridor. Bits of soil and grass crumble off under the pressure of water, and you watch as they fall past you, their density propelling them to the bottom of the water expanse.

Suddenly, you notice a small silver object flitting past you in the water. You realise, with some shock, that it is a fish. And an oddly-shaped fish at that! Its scales seem to be pure silver- or some similar fish-material- its head is tiny, seemingly without eyes; but its thin body widens at the tale, large tail-fins splitting to form a silver circle. The shape of the fish seems familiar to you, but the memories dart out of your grasp…

It swims around, flitting near your nose and causing you to become cross-eyed. You get the feeling that it is mocking you.

And, in that second, it becomes clear to you. You understand where you’ve seen the shape before. It’s a key!

Slowly, due to the viscosity of the water in comparison with the air that you know, you grab the fish, which, instead of struggling like you would expect a normal fish to, it goes limp in your grip. The water chokes you, but you continue onwards, pushing the fish-key into the alcove of the water symbols that is still open, waiting for you.

The fish turns live again, and it swims through the keyhole, whilst you watch, bemused.

The door swings open towards you, but the water does not flow in, instead stopping, as though there is a force-field. Puzzled, you search around for the reason, but you collide with the door and it pushes you through into the room, before slamming and clicking locked again. Did that door just move on its own?

As your eyes adjust to the lack of water around you, you relax in the safety of reaching your goal.

You’re just in time too, as the last of your frightened breath slips out from your lips.

You take a minute to look around the room. It’s very odd, but you’re in…

The End

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