Blue for Water

As you push down on one of the water symbols, a ‘clunk’ sound is heard from the door. Peering closer, you see that one of the locks inside it has sprung back, and the symbol has opened up, revealing a tiny keyhole. Searching the door for more clues, you are suddenly aware of the damp feeling around your feet. Water.

As you turn your attention back to the door, you notice that the fire symbols sizzle meekly, whilst the green earth symbols seem to flower at the touch of the liquid. It is fair for you to reason that pressing the other symbols in a certain way might lead to discovering the key, or might open up a new alcove.

Before you can try, however, a strange feeling stops you.

The notion of dark, wet feet is growing, and, looking down, you see that the water has risen up to soak your cotton socks. It is as though you are standing in a large pond, rising from the base of the door. You watch the way water springs out, creating a trail that extends beyond you- but not past the thick door. You turn, following the splash of water with your eyes.

You realise that the whole corridor is flooding slowly with the water that is pouring from the wood of the door. You are trapped. And you still don’t have a key to the door and to your freedom.

Scrabbling down among the water, you hunt for anything; you jump up to the keyhole and poke your finger through, but there’s nothing hidden, even though, as you lift your eye to it, you can see something wonderful behind.

The water leaks up to your waist and many of the symbols on the door are becoming engulfed, and you still have nothing close to a key or way out. Looking hurriedly behind you, you notice that the water level is flat all the way; there is no gradual rise of the water, and no way to get to higher ground.

You push the key from your mind. For now, escape is the most vital thing.

The End

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