Orange for Fire

As you lift your hand over the fire symbol, you can feel the heat that is radiating from the seemingly wooden symbol and into the air about you. It is rather unnerving, but still your curiosity and confidence tells you to walk on with your idea.

You press one of the carved fire shapes and a searing pain bursts up your arm, as though you have suddenly plunged it into a tongue of flame. All the orange symbols carved into the door seem to glow furiously, embossing themselves outwards, as though they are each minute heads of flame. The door grows considerably warmer.

Carefully touching an empty panel of the door, you are able to discern that it is only those symbols that are ‘on fire’; the rest of the door seems completely unaffected. You are relieved by this, as you are able to brush your fingers over the other symbols unharmed, but you are also worried because, you notice, there has been no change to the locking mechanism.

So what is it that the fire symbols are asking for?

You remember the ethereal glowing match back in the black of this corridor. That object could shed some light (physically and metaphorically) onto the situation. Perhaps, you wonder, the door could be asking for a gift of fire to reveal what lies beyond it.

Another thought comes to mind too: you could inspect the other symbols more closely again; either touching them in a certain pattern might unlock the door’s mystery (are those letters that are etched carefully beside each shape?), or you could try a different element. Water, perhaps, could combat the burning effect of the fiery blazes.

The End

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