Make up some random crap as to what the information 'they' want is.

"The key, it's under the orange spiky bush!" You exclaim, before biting your bottom lip, thinking what on earth compelled you to say something so ridiculous. At least it gets their attention.

"Ahaha!" says the first (or is it the second?) Tweedle.

"Yessir!" says the other.

You look from one to the other, bewildered.


"Correct!" they say in unison.

"That was the correct answer-"

"You've passed our little test."

"Lucky for you..."

"...that means there are no more tests!"

"Wuh?" you gasp as your bonds are suddenly broken.

The Tweedles gesture for you to follow them, and they suddenly turn and quickly start pacing away from you. You find your legs and start to jog up to them, just as it appears that they've faded into the wall. You run your hands over it and feel the fake wall-facade; there's a flap concealing a hidden exit out of here. You push your way through, and feel yourself be in the grasp of the Tweedles once again. They march you out of the metallic room into bright sunlight. You turn as one of them closes the door to see a basic, not to mention normal, shed for storing tools and the like.

You're in a garden. It's vast, green, and very garden-like. In the distance you see large hedge-images in the shapes of flamingos and hedgehogs, and you are able to hear the faint sounds of cheering. Is there a game being played somewhere in these grounds?

The Tweedles lead you round the garden, like they're playing a silly little game that only they know of. Suddenly, just as you are getting irritated by seeing the same stones steps and the statue of a peeing gargoyle again, the Tweedles turn a different corner into a stranger (and what seems like darker) part of the gardens. The noise of cheering becomes louder, but you wonder whether it's just in your mind.

One Tweedle pulls you forward.

"Here it is!" he's says with a grand sweep of his arm.

What are you looking at?

The End

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