The Red Queen

In a broken red dress and a black crown that seems to be made of filthy coal, the Red Queen appears, her ‘bubble’ of light sinking back into the black forest. From her hand swings a crucifix made of water-wood, always blinking, changing in the light.

She steps out, menacing, and leers down at you, showing pointed, yellow teeth, reminiscent of an evil Cheshire Cat.

“And now, strange child, you’re coming with me.”

She dismisses her henchman with a flick of the hand, and he humbly crawls away, still half-blinded, stumbling to rein in the horses, with which, you know, he will use to chase after and capture the Tweedles.

The Red Queen grabs your wrist before you are able to react, and the searing light smashes into your vision again; she is taking you to wherever it is that she lives. You shake as the coldness of her hands stem the flow of your blood, and her sharp nails puncture your palm. From the chill of the wood, you are taken to the chill of a stone-wall room, you legs crumpling upon clinical white slabs of decaying marble.

Once again, before you are able to move a muscle, the Queen turns on you, anger burning its way out of her pupils. Her hand even catches fire, the pendant-crucifix-water-wood turning to ash, but then bouncing back into shape, as though it has not been touched by evil.

However her own hand is unharmed too. You flinch.

“I do terrible things when I’m mad, don’t you know? You will tell me why you, one of the only humans, are here- or you’ll make me very mad, and I will do terrible things to you.”

Crying out, you look up.

What do you see next?

The End

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