If Not, The Adventures Continues Here

You find the panic growing up inside you; you fold the map and swing it side to side like a knife, but it is no use, and the giant flying tomatoes are very determined to eat you.

One aims for your face, but you duck and manage to squish it into a juicy pulp with your elbows. Its teeth are the only things left, gruesome shells of the monster. Suddenly, you feel a tug on your leg and, look down to see a tomato clinging to your leg. More tomatoes attack your arms as you try to swipe off the other one off, and little painful spikes dig into your flesh.

You feel yourself being pulled down to the floor, under a mass of wriggling red skin.

Overhead, the cat cackles, and the sound splits straight through your head as a tomato leans forward to take the final bite.

Uh oh. It’s all over.

The End

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