If You’ve Learnt Botanical Science From The Swing Queens Go Here

Remembering The White Queen’s advice, you quickly rip open the Tweedles’ map and shove the ruby, which you find stuffed into the secretive pocket in its centre, in the faces (do they have faces? Just grimacing mouths…) of the giant flying tomatoes. They screech (and you have to put your hands over ears to divert the horrible sound, similar to that of nails on a blackboard), and flee in all directions, away from the pulsing gem.

The cat sitting above hisses and vanishes suddenly with a pop.

You laugh to yourself and pocket the ruby for later use. Your pockets feel so creepily empty, and you ignore the urge to fill them with random stones and leaves.

You walk on, through the glossy forest, and start to notice as the floor becomes mud again.

The End

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