Your Physics Textbook

You whip out your book and, instead of swatting off the tomatoes with it (as would be the sensible thing), you open up at the pages on momentum.

“Six kilograms times four metres per second equals 24 kilogram metres per second. Eat that, you flying fruit!” You say, triumphantly.

The cat’s smile vanishes. In fact, all of him starts to vanish- literally, this time. With a ‘pop’, he’s completely gone, the tomatoes with him.

The scene too vanishes. Suddenly you find yourself in a small metallic room, with thrumming neon yellow bars criss-crossing the dark walls. The floor is also laced with the same heat-emitting things. You find it weird. You turn to see the Tweedles are no longer there; well, they are, but they seem to have changed too. Into handsome, thin, tall, long black-haired twins.

One of them steps forward grandly.

“Well done, you have passed out little test. You are Alice. Believe it or not. Now, your quest begins.”

The End

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