The Red Knave

You and the Tweedles freeze as you suddenly identify the man on horseback who is hiding behind a particularly dense clump of trees. He flashes the three of you a nasty grin when he recognises the only human-shaped animal for miles around.

He grabs the wrist closest to him and pulls you along as he rides the deadly horse, therefore dragging you along the ground where you are splattered with the spray of black mud, and scratched from the tiny sticks that are hidden in the undergrowth.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee too scream as you drag them along behind you; at least you are not alone in this part of the weird adventure.

You suddenly realise that the Red Knave is tying string around your wrist, and holding you to the saddle of the horse, making your drag along the floor even more deadly. As the bonds start to draw blood as they cut into your wrists, you lose a grip of both Tweedles; they bounce and roll away like daft pebbles.

Abruptly, the forest melts away. You fall away from the slowing horse as the rider cuts across the bonds, and you flinch as he stands menacingly over you.

You shut your eyes, and beg in your head, even pray to whomever will listen. A light begins to grow, whether in your mind, or in the in the world, and it knocks the knave to the ground with its brightness. He cries out, releasing you, as he shields his eyes from the gleam.

You gaze, open-mouthed, as a figure steps out from the magnificent glow.


The End

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