Giant Flesh-Eating Flying Tomatoes

Oh no, giant flesh-eating tomatoes! Straight from the pages of your physics textbook.

A cat appears high in the branches of the tree above the swarm of tomatoes, its sunflower-yellow tail swishing temptingly like a pendulum. 

"If a flesh-eating tomato weighs six kilograms and is munching at four metres per second, what is its momentum?" he mocks, flashing crooked, yellow teeth that clash greatly with his fur.

Infuriated, you try to grab his tail, but a tomato swoops and knashes its teeth towards your arm; you realise that they are, horribly, protecting him.

(Tweedledum and Tweedledee have, at this point, run away screaming, leaving you to fight your own battles).

You turn and see more of the vegetable- sorry, fruit, coming from a clump of trees behind you; you're surrounded! That means there's only one way out: fight.

What do you pull out of your (Mary-Poppins-inspired) pockets to fight these gruesome creatures?

The End

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