A Snake Telling You To Eat From The Wisdom Tree

A snake lunges down as the Tweedles lead you under a densely-vined set of trees in the forest. It is bark brown, and leaf green, camouflaging itself completely to the canopy, except its long ivory fangs, each about the length of your middle fingers. Freaky.

You cry out, raising your hands to your face, and back away, turning to pull the Tweedles as they are not moving with you. One glance at their faces shows you that they’re stuck in some temporal animation; their eyes are unseeing, their mouths are unspeaking and their bodies unmoving.

The snake turns its head to face you, flashing emerald eyes kindly.

“There’sss a great wisssdom that liesss in her garden. Ruby roses, and petrified leavesss, silver fruit sss-sparkles. That isss your way of escape. Don’t choossee the yellow hedgehog to play croquet. There is a betrayerrr in your midst, ass great and friendly ass they seem at firssst.”

“Weird.” you remark, as the Tweedles ‘pop’ themselves back into reality.

As though nothing has happened, they lead you on.

The End

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