Ask The Way Again

“How do I get out of this forest? Please help me, I’m trying to save my friends from the Red Queen. Do you know the way to where she keeps her prisoners?”

The twins’ eyes flicker back and forth. One looks to the small windows and doors, the other seems to stare between you and the messy furniture dotted about their living area.

“The Red Queen, you say?”

“Oh, she’s evil-”

“She has kept us in this cottage prison because we are twins-”

“We have a special telepathic link…”

You watch their conversation and truths unfolding before you with some bewilderment.

“So you’ll help me?” You ask eagerly.

The twins start. They seemed to have forgotten that you were there.

“Oh yes-”

“Of course. We have a map-”

“Somewhere around here…”

They shuffle about, heading in and out of the room to find a map for you. They seem rather lost, and vacant, scratching their balding heads, and you chuckle a bit as they collide with each other and bounce off.

Finally, Tweedledum (or…Tweedledee?) returns with a tattered piece of yellowing paper. You raise your eyebrows, doubting them slightly. But the Tweedles insist, thrusting the ‘map’ under your face. Suddenly you see the intricate lines, red circles hastily penned in, and the two arrows that point through a green blob to something that excites you.

“Can you take me there?” You demand, poking the special spot labelled ‘to the captives’ (how convenient).


The Tweedles instantly pull you out of your seat and take you by both hands. They waddle out with you into forest clearing. Strangely, the animals have disappeared. You don’t see the danger of this until it is too late.

The forest seems to go on for hectares and hectares, and you can feel your heart racing as you wander through the trees, studying the map that is hovering in front of your face by some crazy magic, your hands still being firmly guided by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

But, as you turn the corner, you are confronted with…

The End

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