A Small Cottage

A little wooden sign says of the cottage:

‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’s residence. Do not disturb.’

Glancing behind at your encouraging entourage, you hesitantly wander up to the cottage door, wary of the sign, and- against better judgement, perhaps- you knock.

The door swings open of its own accord, and the animals behind you creep away. You shoot them a silent glare, but walk on. The inside of the cottage is small and tidy, but you pay it not much attention as you look for some signs of life. You start towards the voices in the living room ahead.

The twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, stand up suddenly as you enter the room. They are round, short men who look rather like oversized egg-characters. They stare at you together and they talk in annoying unison.


 “- What are you doing here?”

“The sign outside says no trespassing!”

“Actually, it says: ‘do not disturb’,” you snap at them, “But never mind that. I wonder if you could tell me the way-”

“Oh, not this again.-“

“- No.”

“Not another girl asking us the way-”

“- Not again…”

Another girl? What do you mean?” You ask them, starting to become suspicious.

“Oh, nothing-”

“- Nothing.”
Tweedledum (or is it Tweedledee?) fetches the steaming teapot that is whistling in the kitchen. He sets it down on the low wooden table before the three of you, and proceeds to pour out thick black tea into three wooden cups that seem to have magically appeared on the table. You absent-mindedly sip at the little amount of dirt-coloured liquid that is in the cup closest to you.

When you next look up, eager to continue asking them how to get to the place where the other animal-humans are being kept hostage, and also how to get out of this weird forest, Tweedledum and Tweedledee are standing up around you, chanting in their similarly mundane voices…

“Let the mystic twins, Dum and Dee, predict your future; yes we can tell you all you need to know-”

“.- One condition though: one question-”

“You can have one question to ask us.”
“One question only. Ask away!”

You look at them with a frown on your face. But what can you say?

The End

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