Chocolate Spread

Although the chocolate spread that is glooping about around your waist does not look very pleasant, the smell wafting up from it is very tempting. You’ve always loved chocolate spread on your toast in the mornings, and sometimes you sneakily lick the knife when your sister isn’t looking (she loves chocolate spread too).

It now occurs to you that you could turn this negative (of sinking into a pool) into a positive: it’s chocolate spread; who wouldn’t want to be sinking into a pool of chocolate spread?

And so, you could always munch your way out. It’s been ages since you’ve eaten anything, and you’re starting to feel a bit peckish. Quiet a coincidence really, seeing as you’re surrounded by lovely food.

Then again, you could always take a chance and dive down below the surface of the spread. Who says that you won’t be able to breath through it? And there might be some way out under it all too!

As the thick, gloopy stuff starts to reach your neck, you then remember that you have (somehow) been trained in the art of witchcraft and the art of making-things-randomly-appear-out-of-thin-air! That could save you some trouble. After all, chocolate spread on its own might be too sweet to eat, but it is still a large pile of spread when it comes right down to basics.


The End

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