“The Red Queen?” You exclaim, “She’s pure distilled evil!”

“Yes, we know,” The she-mouse squeaks, “Which is exactly why we need someone to rid our land off the evil. We have the means, of course…” she gestures round at the underground camp beside that underground lake, and now you start to notice weapons being developed too. It’s a slightly scary thought to imagine these tiny household creatures rising up and giving a lethal revolt.

“After we were captured, we quickly found a means to escape; we found a previously made tunnel and it led us through to here. We were thinking of going back to search for our other friends, but it’s been a while since we were at all brave enough-”

“You want to go back up there? Are you crazy animals? Don’t you want to be safe?”

The grey-haired woman clasps your hands, dolefully.

“We want to be free. You were brought here for a reason. You’ve got to free us, Alice.”

“I’m not Alice! Why does everybody keep assuming this?”

The young girl with the teddy bear bats her eyelashes at you.

“Who is Alice?” She mumbles through her thumb.

Who is Alice? You wonder that too.

Alice was the character from your sister’s movie, but now she seems to have stepped right from the television screen and into your life.

“I’m not Alice in her Wonderland,” you insist, “But I will help you.”

The animals gather around you, suggesting various and unwise decisions to proceed by.

“Peace!” You call across the mass of voices, “I know exactly what to do.”

And as sudden as in a dream, the clear plan comes to you.

“Okay,” you say breathlessly, “Mouse, I shall have you and Miara follow me. I’ll need two…males to follow behind as back-up too.”

The she-mouse and the persistent grey-haired woman nod their approval, as two bulky men with angular jaws and swishing rat-tails swagger up. Startled slightly, you gesture for the four of the creatures to show you the way, and so they lead you along the edge of the deep, blue, underground lake, right round to the end of the cavern (which, at mouse-sized, is rather a long walk for all of you), until they finally stop by what, at first, looked like yet another dead end.

Luckily, it isn’t. But it is something almost as bad.

Two roughly-dug hollows split the wall up; each lead their own, unidentifiable, dark way down. You glance at the grey-haired Miara, who shrugs and steps back, obviously indicating for you to choose which way the group should go now.

Oh great, not more choices!

The End

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