You suddenly begin to shoot up.

“I’ve shot up like a telescope,” you remark of your size and shape, remembering how Alice had said such a thing when she had drank from the bottle and grown so much bigger than the surroundings and the room in which she had first landed in Wonderland.

By now, the mouse is much smaller than she was before (or rather, looks much smaller from your perspective) and a tiny paw gives a jolly wave, as your head continues to shot towards the ceiling, colliding with it, and even breaking through to the floor above. Still you keep growing.

You look down again, getting vertigo at how far away it seems, to see the tiny mouse waving and turn away, scurrying through the door.

“No, wait... Don’t leave me...” You yell.

You want to sit, you want to scream, you want to cry, but nobody is there for you; no-one hears you.

You never learnt the mystery of the land, or how you got here, but quotes from the film that you watched with your little sister keep coming to mind.

Confused, you look to the sky. If you stretch an arm out far enough, you almost touch it. Finally, you feel happy.

“What’s the use in crying?” You wonder.

After all, it’s only a dream.

The End

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