You spin on your heels but before you’ve got more than a metre the floor beneath your feet becomes slippery, transforming from wooden planks to black and white tiles. You instantly slip over and feel yourself being dragged backwards; you stretch out your arms but can find nothing to grip hold, and you yell out fiercely, knowing that you are being dragged back. You glance back and see the mouse who has you. She shoots up, larger than life. Her fur disappears and suddenly she becomes all so human-life. She morphs, horribly, into The Red Queen.

She clicks her fingers and suddenly the walls of the room fall away and the furniture disappears, leaving bare tiles of a long hall. You look up and you see a golden throne sitting massively at the end of the room, it seems to be burning with some version of the Holy Fire; harmlessly licking the seat with fierce determination.

A man comes up quickly in front of you, and you feel you face being kicked roughly by a studded boot. You bring your hands up in front of your face to stop the blows but it is no use. You are grabbed forcefully by the scruff of your neck, and pulled across to the edge of the throne, where you are thrown down and your hands pulled out in front, in an imitation of prostrating.

“So…” The Red Queen cackles, dismissing her henchman with a quick flick of her hand, “Look who it is: the ‘saviour’ of the land.”

"I…don’t know what you’re talking about,” you pant.

“Well, why are you here?” she hisses.

“You tell me,” you snap back, instantly regretting your sharp tone.

You are taken into a small, dusty room, with thin bars set into the wall high above, letting only a trickle of light through. Outside you see a foreign land; giant leafy plants tower to the skies, and trees of candyfloss pink, grass of dark blue. Instantly, you feel like the smallest thing in the world.

“What have you done?” You scream to the man who thrusts you down, The Red Knave, with startling midnight purple hair, and an evil leer.

He cackles, and throws a length of old, curling rope at your feet, then slams the gaol cell door.

The End

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