Run From The Hatter (Jump From The Tower)

You take a deep breath, and throw yourself from the roof. Anything’s better than following some strange man in this new world, right?

Luckily, you land in a large pile of soft yellow hay.

You appear to be in the middle of the stables, and you can see the grounds now; they appear to be the smooth lawns of an old Victorian manor house, complete with carefully moulded bushes and perfectly-set stone patios. You wouldn’t have seen any of this beauty from the tower, and especially not from within the house, its dark interior threatening, with windows boarded and curtain almost growing out of the walls. How could something so horrible be concealed inside something so beautiful?

Anyway, you start to feel peckish and you no longer wish to intrude in the horses’ privacy (though you haven’t actually seen any horses yet), so you decide to get away from the manor house. Yet you have no transport, and that exit is so, so far away, as though it is another land all together.

So what to do?

You could stay here, but you don’t particularly want to, or you could try to make the long, long walk…

Surely there’s another option?

The End

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