Talk To The Animals

You shuffle forward, your whole body wrecked with nervous shivers; you cannot be cold, for the fur that covers your skin is keeping you surprisingly warm. You guess that these animals in front of you are only wearing clothes for the sake of dignity. The shy beaver-girl tugs at the paw of another brown-furred creature as she sees you moving in their direction.

“I don’t understand what’s going on,” you say with a shrug to them.

The grey-haired one who had come forward before, does so again, greeting you with a sweeping bow.

“Don’t-” you begin.

“Oh, Alice,” he says, “whilst it is a shame that you have fallen ill of the powers, it is perfect that you are here at all. I can understand your disorientation, so let me explain. My name is Purcey- Clarence Purcey- and we are all like you: humans dragged into this twisted Wonderland during sleep and lured into being changed into these red-marked animals.”

“Some of us weren’t!” pipes up woman next to the beaver-girl. “Some of us were changed upfront.”

“I don’t quite know what it means, except that they are on the hunt for Alice, but, with you here to help us now, I’m sure we will eventually find out.”

“But…I don’t know what I’m doing!”

All this transforming has made you doubt that you really are Alice, but you daren’t shake their hopes.

Instead you resolutely stare at the tunnels, wondering if you will be able to sneak away. Purcey glances to where you are looking and remarks:

“I wouldn’t be thinking about those tunnels, if I were you. They only lead to badness.”

“But have you been down the bigger one?” you ask.

“No…but…” Purcey stumbles.

He shuffles forward and attempts to grasp your human-like paws.

“Please…” You pull away, frightened. “I just want to turn back to normal.”

“That’s easy,” Purcey replies, “you must kill The Red Queen. If you are looking for Lapin Noir- that white rabbit who led you here- he’ll have gone back to his mistress through the other tunnel. Follow him and you’ll soon get to her.”

“Well, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do,” you say with a sigh.

The animal-humans suddenly break into a chorus of protests.

“What about our friends? You must help release our friends!”

The End

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