Go Into The Cave

You shrug, may as well take a chance. 

"Mr Rabbit?" you ask as you walk in. You get no answer, and the white rabbit is nowhere to be seen. "Mr Ra-" you stop yourself. No way is this turning into Alice in Wonderland you think It's weird enough already!

"Come on, Alice!" the white rabbit calls from the darkness. "We haven't got all day you know. I'm late" 

You groan. No no no! Maybe if I pinch myse- You shake your head rapidly. No! That rabbit must have done something to your mind. 

"Um, coming" you answer, and run to where his voice came from. You have a really bad feeling about this, but it's too dark to find your way back. When you find him, words escape your lips before you can stop yourself "Is this Wonderland?"

"No, of coarse not. Wonderland is an imaginary place. No time for your silly questions. I'm late. It's a very important date, you know."

"I do? I mean, no I don't! I don't, I don't, I don't!" you scream "I don't! This place isn't real! It's not real! Go away! I don't want you here! Go, go, go!"

"Calm down, Alice" the white rabbit tells you.

"I'M NOT CALLED ALICE!" you shriek at it. "MY NAME IS- My name is... it's... I'm called..."

"See... You're Alice" the rabbit says "You must be. Only Alice can get here"

You shake your head slowly. Unless you deny the existence of this world, you figure there are only two options...

The End

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