Let the rabbit free

You decide to let the rabbit go, despite it being so plump and you so hungry. Lifting it out the trap, you place it on the forest floor and expect it to run away.

It does not.

Instead it brushes off its waistcoat and frowns at a pocket watch it takes from a pocket. You boggle at the rabbit as he shakes his head at you.

“Your little trap set me back some time, young Alice.”

“I’m not Alice,” you gasp, “that’s my sister.”

“Oh yes? Well, I know her.”

You pause, confused.

“How do you…? Do you know where we are? Or where I could get a bite to eat, please?”

The rabbit peers up at you.

“Do you not know? Surely…?” And he trails off muttering to himself.

“Excuse me?” You frown, “I know this place?”

The rabbit jumps at your voice, as though he has forgotten that you’re there.

“I could tell you, but at a price. Follow me…”

Transfixed, you can’t help following the white rabbit as he turns and bounds away.

Eventually, you emerge from the dark forest, exhausted, but you do feel less hungry. The rabbit leads you into a cave, looming dark and mysterious, but you stop. You don’t know whether you can trust the creature. And the cave doesn’t seem that friendly.

The rabbit turns suddenly. You can just about discern a smile flickering on its lips.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Tell me what you know, first, please.”

“You must come into the cave. The answers you want are all there.”

Should you…?

The End

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