The Cheshire Cat

You wonder how the Cheshire Cat can pick up the white rabbit, it having no arms or thumbs, but you suppose that it is a creature with great powers far beyond your imagination, and it can do whatever it wishes.

With one more glance towards you, the Cat starts to disappear- the white rabbit first, then the long striped tail and moving slowly up until there is nothing but the comical grin hanging in mid-air.

“Wait,” you cry, “Don’t go.”

The grin stops disappearing, and an eye appears above it.

“What do you want, girl-who-hurts-rabbits?”

“I didn’t mean it!” You mutter, moving slowly closer to the Cheshire Cat, or what is left of it, “I’m just so hungry, and I’m lost. Could you possibly tell me where I am, or how I can get out?”

“Nope,” if it’s possible, the Cat’s grin widens, “Can’t tell you what’s up and down, or left and right, because everywhere is nowhere.

“That’s madness!”

“We’re all mad here!” The Cat says. You’ve heard that saying before, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Plus, your hunger and tiredness is starting to make you dizzy. The Cat seems to be closer than ever before, but you don’t recall your feet moving.

Suddenly the forest disappears as you black out, exhausted.


You wake up in some kind of cavern. It looks dark green, with some slimy goo dripping from the walls, moss growing on the floor and a neon yellow ball hovering in the air above you. It is the only thing casting light on your surrounds, which otherwise would have been pitch black. Suddenly, the Cheshire Cat appears next to the globe of light.

“Ah,” it smiles a great big (and what looks to you) evil smile, “You are back in our world.”

“Your world?” You try and shout but your mouth is very dry. It occurs to you that you still have not had anything to eat or drink for hours. As though reading your thoughts, a plate appears on the floor beside you. It contains all your favourite foods cooked to perfection, so lovingly tempting. The Cat smiles encouragingly.

Your mind tells you not to trust the strange floating Cat, but your stomach says otherwise.

Eat, a voice in your head says, but you’re still not certain.

What should you do?

The End

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