Throw a rock

Because you're so tired, you figure you'll get nowhere fast by trying to dig a hole, and you just can't be bothered with sticking twigs in your clothes and leaves in your hair. 

Besides, there are plenty of rocks around. You pick up a reasonably heavy one and throw it at the retreating white rabbit. It lands a few feet in front of you with a thump. Well, that worked didn't it? 

You decide the best way is to give the rabbit no escape. You scoop up some small rocks, and throw them as hard as you can. They scatter, and land everywhere but on the rabbit. Hmph. 

Then you notice a nice, round, fist-sized pebble. It fits into your hand just right. You have a good feeling about this, and throw the stone as if it will save your life. It's a perfect shot, but all is ruined when a very small someone bursts out of the bushes, knocking the rabbit out of the way and scooping it up into their arms.

"What are you doing?" they exclaim at you "You know I love white rabbits!"

You almost scream because it's...

The End

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