Hide In The Cupboard

Fearing for your safety (after all, you don’t know what sort of creatures there are in this land), you quickly dive into the little outside cupboard, which is crammed full of gardening bits and pieces, what looks like a few pieces of a giant chess-set, some puzzle games, random books, and other confusing shapes that you can’t actually make heads or tails of, but if you could, you’d be sure that they aren’t supposed to be at the top of this tower. There is one slim beam of light for you to see this, and through which you now look outside.

Opposite your hiding-space, you see the door to the staircase open carefully and a man walks through. You see a shock of brilliant red hair before the man turns out of your line of sight to check around the rest of the tower. It seems that he is looking for you.

When he comes back into your view, you notice his dark red tailcoat with question-mark patterns all about it, and how odd he looks.

Suddenly, as though he felt your eyes studying him, the man spins around comically to look towards the cupboard.

With a gasp that you can’t suppress, you pull back from the gap and the door snaps shut in front of you, sealing off all the light. As you hear noises from outside, moving closer to your spot, you worriedly stumble backwards…and plunge down down down, forever into the darkness.


You get up quickly, wondering how you survived the fall, and stand a minute in the cold darkness, begging your eyes to adjust quickly. Soon, your eyes begin to pick out your surroundings.

Oh, not here again.

The End

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