Call Out

You decide to call out. So, standing at the door to the music room, you survey your surroundings and breathe deeply.

“Hello…? Who’s there?” You try to say in a brave voice into the half-light.

There are sounds of scurrying, and what looks like a mouse emerges from under the piano.

Well…it has the features of a mouse: long, thick whiskers sprouting from beneath a broad nose, beady brown or black eyes, and pointed ears that poke out from a mane of bristled, grey fur.

But, when the mouse timidly comes out into the centre of the room, you notice that it walks like a human, is wearing a yellow gingham dress and pinafore apron, and its eyes gleam with intelligence.

“I-I’m sorry if I scared you,” it says in a high-pitched female voice, “I only wanted to hear the music; it’s so pretty and calming, but a mouse like me is never allowed to listen to it…”
“Why not?” You say, tiptoeing closer and crouching down to the she-mouse, who is half your height.

She blinks her inquisitive deep brown eyes up at you innocently.

“Don’t you know the laws of this land? I only just escaped, and now they want to take everybody.”

“I beg your pardon?” You say, incredulously, “No, I don’t know.”

She gives a gasp that is almost a squeak, and places her hand-sized paws over her mouth. To you, it actually looks rather comical.

“They’ll come to take me back soon,” she whispers, “And they’ll come to get you too.”

Suddenly, you feel her furry paw in your hand, and the little mouse is tugging you along.

“We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go!” She repeats, breathlessly.

“Go where?” You ask, looking around the dead-end room, which doesn’t even have a window. “What’s wrong? Why do you want me?”

“It’s for your own safety,” she says, continuing to pull you away from the door and further into the small music room. You frown, confused. She leads you to the cupboard in the corner, and leans herself against it. With your help, she manages to push it aside to reveal a hidden door. Glancing quickly behind herself, the mouse opens the door, gesturing to you.

“In here. Are you coming?”

Do you…

The End

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