Knock With The Knocker

You hesitate for a moment, but the knocker seems ordinary enough, so you reach out for it and rap twice on the door.  There's no answer, so you put your ear to the door and listen for any activity inside.  Behind it, you hear muttered conversation, but no matter how you strain to hear, the words come out garbled and meaningless.  But you are certain there are two voices behind the door.

Maybe they didn't hear you, you say to yourself, and knock again, louder this time.

"Hello?" you call out, "Is anyone in there?"

You press your ear to the door again, but the conversation has stopped.  They must have heard you!  Hearing footsteps, you pull away from the door and take a step backwards.  You have no idea what might come through there, after all.

Instead, an invisible panel slides out from the door with a clack and two pairs of saucer-dish eyes stare back at you.  They're identical, set in hollow, dark-rimmed sockets, except for the color.  One set is a shining emerald green and the other, a dark, suspicious red.

"Oooh! Hello dear!" the voice from the green eyes called.  The voice itself was high-pitched, but sexless.

"Shut up, idjit!" the other snapped.  It's voice was slightly lower and much harsher.  "State yer business, intruder!"

You hesitate, wondering what your business is in the first place.  But when you look back, you realize that the darkness is slowly creeping in on you. 

"I'm seeking shelter from...that," you say, gesturing to the ominous gloom behind you.  "Please let me in."

"That is a rather nasty darkness brewing behind you, sweetie," Green Eyes said cheerfully, and then looked over to its counterpart, "Do you suppose we should let her in?"

"No!" Red Eyes barked, "None may enter here without first saying the password."

"Really? Don't you think that's rather harsh?" Green Eyes said, looking to you with sympathy.

"None may enter!" Red Eyes said and snapped the panel shut.

"W-wait!" you call out, banging on the door.  "You can't just leave me out here!"

"You can find the password in the symbols, dear," a muffled voice called through the door, "Good luck!"

You look at the indecipherable symbols before you, uncertain that there is any meaning to them at all.  But the dark is approaching and it seems to be spreading more quickly now.

Do you...

The End

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