A Deserted Church...

You are in a church. And not just any sort of deserted church. But an OMINOUS and CREEPY church. To say the least, you probably would have preferred the darkness at this point.

The church is a basic, small-town church, complete with white walls. Peeling white walls, may I add. The benches are strewn about, and walking through the debris would be quite a challenge. The windows are all boarded up with makeshift materials such as cardboard and wooden planks. The only source of light comes from the steeple, possibly from the outside world. It shines perfectly on the altar, which has a small, wooden box on it. A small wooden box chained to the altar.

You turn around. The doors are, in an almost cruel way, boarded up completely. There seems to be no way out.

But hey! Look at that! You find a pack of playing cards right at your feet! What serendipity!

Of course, you feel as if you must...

The End

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