Right, to the staircase

You turn to the source of the bright light, and climb up the curving staircase. It is beautiful: ornate, with thick, polished, and steady wooden banisters both sides, and each step has been crafted out of marble with so much love. You shoes make tiny clicks as you step from one stair to the next, and your left hand makes a whooshing noise as it glides up the banister, but apart from that, everything is still.

Suddenly, after one more turn of the stair, you emerge out of the building and into the light. You have to squint to see where you are, and it takes you a while (having been in the dark for longer than you would like to think) to realise that the light is not man-made, but natural daylight. You look around the platform that you’re standing on, and see that it is part of a bell-tower, the bell hanging feet away from you beside a cupboard that you assume is used for storage. There is a knee-high stone barrier around the edge, but apart from that, the bell-tower is open to the elements. You can see into the distance, through the glossy blue sky and watch the birds that fly from the tree-tops of a forest. The bell-tower also overlooks a beautiful garden (unfortunately you cannot currently see the details of it), complete with stables and a paddock.

You start to relax- the sight is calming and not hard to enjoy- when you hear footsteps, rapidly making their way up the same staircase that you did. You have but three options…

The End

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