Hunting a Rabbit

You've never actually hunted anything, but you need to eat and the log cabin could be dangerous. You can always go back there if you don't manage to bag yourself a rabbit.

The animals around aren't paying that much attention to you, but they seem quite tame. You try walking towards one but it scampers off ahead of you; they aren't as tame as they first seemed. You decide this is going to take some kind of trap, though you have nothing but the clothes you are standing in.

You decide there are really only three options. You can dig a hole, cover it up like they do in the movies and hope that a rabbit falls in. You notice that the rabbits are munching on the bushes nearby; you wonder if disguising yourself as a bush would bring a rabbit close enough to grab. The only other option you see is trying to throw a rock at them with good enough aim to stun them. There are plenty of rocks around.

Do you...

The End

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