Visiting the Log Cabin

You decide to go and visit the log cabin. Surely there must be food in there, and there could also be a nice warm bed along with it. Maybe a kindly old lady lives inside, ready to offer you cookies. But on the other hand, there could be a witch or some other evil thing that just wants to eat you instead.....

But what else are you doing to do? Wander around endlessly in the forest and get eaten by some strange nightcreature?

Cautious, you step onto the small front porch and knock gently on the door. When only silence answers, you knock a little harder. A few minutes pass, and something starts to rattle off in the underbrush a little ways a way. Frightened, you pound heavily on the door, trying to keep your voice even as you ask if anyone is home. As you pound on the door, it swings open on its own accord, creaking eerily.

By now, your seriously freaked out. But you step inside anyways because the rattling is getting louder, and you shut the door behind you. You feel a little safer, a takea  moment to look at the cute little room around you that makes up this one-room cabin. The furinture looks like it comes from some sweet little fairytale, and a gentle flames crackle in the mouth of the fireplace. Several bowls of porrige are set out on the table by the kitchen. Remebering your hunger, you walk over and pick up a spoon.

Wait, this seems like the tale of Goldie Locks. Are there bears here......?

You hear the front door open behind you and turn around to face..... 

The End

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