A Forest

A thick forest stretches in front of you as far as you can see. You turn around, suprised, and look for the door. It's still there, but then it slams shut and there's no way out.

Feeling hopeless, you sink to your knees. You'll never find your way out of this forest, it's too big. Somehow the forest knows what you're feeling. The trees thicken, they darken and the sky is suddenly full of menacing clouds. Shivering, you decide to see where you are- I mean, surely you could tell where in the world you are if you could see the forest from above? So you stride over to the nearest tree and start to climb.

After what seems like hours of hard climbing, you break through the canopy of trees and look around you. Despair fills you again. You can't see the end of the forest, and you can't even tell where you are. Tropical rainforest trees are mixed with palms and firs. You could be on a different planet for all you know.

Suddenly, you are hungry and tired. You begin to climb back down the tree, but lose your grip. You are falling for ages, but when you reach the floor, you seem to be in a different forest. Sun shines through the trees, red berries are on every other bush, rabbits scamper around the roots, and there is even a cosy looking log cabin with smoke coming out of the chimmeny in a clearing close by. You are so tired and hungry, though, that you can hardly take this in. You need food. Now.

You decide to get something to eat by...

The End

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