"And then there is another genre of dreams. Dreams that demand nothing. Dreams that are there just for the sake of being there. That you would never mourn over the loss of or felicitate when accomplished. Sometimes, dreams that give nothing. Just because they take nothing. They sit there like an old man in a crowded parking lot. A dream of being happy no matter how sad something is. Of crying only when you’re too happy. Of being content even if you have nothing. Of loving someone so much that you can let them go. Of finding beauty in the ugliest of places. Of making strangers around you smile. Of reminiscing your childhood days, knowing you can live them again. Of helping someone who can never repay you anyhow. Of attending fear as your guest. Of taking care of small things as if they were the biggest things in life. Of forgiving and forgetting. Of remembering how small you are. Of remembering how big you can be. Of accepting people even though they might not accept you. Of living while we are still alive. Dreams that don’t require years of waiting, but you can live them everyday. Dreams that vanish only when you’re asleep."

The End

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