Dream for Tomorrow

Life as we Knew it is set in an apocalyptic world after a disaster has struck. An asteroid has hit the moon, knocking it out of its normal orbit. This has caused many natural disasters to occur , and much more frequently. Tsunamis crash the coast, causing more land to be taken into the dark depths of the ocean. Earthquakes rage over Earth's crust,destroying civilizations and taking more lives each day. Even new volcanoes are erupting, filling the sky with dark ash. Basic necessities like food and water are in high demand, people dying from starvation or thirst, even, as well. 

     This book follows a family experiencing the ordeal and trying to survive as the populations grows ever smaller. It is written as journal entries from the main character, and sixteen-year-old named Miranda. Times are tough for her and her family, and they must struggle to survive throughout the course of the novel. 

   This book has a unique plot, and it is a very well written book. In my opinion, it is a good book for many age groups. I have to be honest, it surprised me. It was much better than I thought it would be. 

The End

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