The description exercise forming the place Dravion in great detail.

Past the thick, choppy tundra and the mountains that stretched into the skies; the cave where dragons could often be seen soaring through the rocky valley; the battle field, a place of many memories, where the medical tent's flags can be seen blowing with the wild gale; a plateau, long flat rocks balanced over the old forgotten dungeons and caverns holding the lands deepest darkest secrets; no-mans land, a place where safety is a children's tale; once you get past all that, you've only just begun.

Dravion Castle lies strictly to the South, leaving all Northen territories behind it. Its Eastern most tower of the four watches over the rest of the no-mans land: the Wood of Fey, the Gryphon Gorge, and beyond even that, the remains of Behir.
Turning your gaze upon the great ancient castle, with the walls of crumbling yellow brick that stretched higher than the heads of the mightiest creatures, you take your first steps onto the wooden drawbridge, staring into the heart of the palace. A moat laps gently beneath you, shining like a reflection of the blue sky. The chains that have lowered the bridge are rusted, but thick and strong.

Beyond the entrance is a new world. The floor is patterned with a story of old Dravion, pictures of battle and darkness, and a hero overthrowing the evil. Every sound made in the main room echoed like escaping whispers. Corridors from the main room spread out in all directions, leading to the Dragon's Keep, to the bedroom of the royal family, and the work stations, and the Royal Gardens.

The four watch towers spiral upwards taller than the kingdom walls, with pointed spires, with shingles missing in places where dragons had come and gone, landed and taken off. The outer wall was scorched, blackened, chipped, and scathed in many places, a sign that war had been and run its course.

The air is tinged with cool, from the fresh-water ocean that stirred down the hill. Dravion in all wasn't a big place, for a whole demention. But it was enough for the creatures who didn't find their home on Earth.

It was enough for Flaz and Luke, elf king and queen, to reign, and care for the Dragonoids, their dragons, and all of the people. But Dravion isn't safe anymore. Because there are no longer Dragonoids, the dragons are falling, and people have no hope.

The End

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