The dude's gone nutsMature

Okay, so I did think it was a little weird that Tex turned down that girl after he'd seemed so interested in them both before hand. Me? I just felt like an idiot how I'd practically told Tex that I had a thing for him. It wasnt a crush or anything just a simple attraction. If a guy couldnt express an attraction without it meaning something more I dont know what has happened to the world.

It was after waking up with a little of a hangover and grabbing myself a coffee that I decided maybe it was best to get out for a while. I mean I'd stuck myself in this house for quite a while. I needed fresh air.

I grabbed my keys and slipping out my bedroom I headed for the door passing Tex on the couch. "Going somewhere?" he asks with a smile.

"A walk" I explain picking up my keys.

"Awesome. Anywhere nice?" he asks.

"No" I say then walk out. I head out the apartment block and into the cold. As I breath out a small puff appears in the air. Shoving my hands in my pocket I cant help but watch each one as they slowly fade away as I walk with no destination in mind. Then I find myself stood in front of a small cafe. With a heavy sigh I step inside.

I rub my hands together as I approach the counter feeling the warmth slip into my skin. "What may I get you?" a bright voice says. I meet sparkling grey eyes and almost gasp but instead I force myself to look away.

I cant go around being attracted to everyone I see that sparks an interest. "Tea, please. No milk, one sugar" I mutter almost beneath my breath but the girl hears me. Then flashing a beautiful smile she turns round to the various machines beginning to make my drink.

I gaze at the cakes sitting on the counter and gesture to one. "What's that?" I ask. The girl flicks a look over her shoulder her curls flying wildly which is when I see it. A small scar running up her neck to the joint of her jaw.

"Oh, lemon cake. I made it myself" she whispers.

"Why are you whispering?" I ask confused.

"My boss doesnt like it when I place out cakes. It's lucky he never actually comes out the back" she says bringing over my tea. "Do you want a piece? Its on the house"

"Oh, um, sure" I say with a soft smile. She smiles back searching for a plate and knife before slicing a fairly nice piece of the cake. She hands it out. "Thanks, how much?"

"Like I said on the house" she says leaning forward on the counter. "Although, you could give me your number"

I blink which is when I finally take in her short dress. The curves of her body and generally how good looking she is. "Sure" I say.

"Great" she says picking a pen out of the belt round her waist and a pad from her pocket. A dress with pockets? Weird. I take the pad and pen anyway pulling out my phone quickly find my number then scribbling it down.

"There you go" I say with a wink then taking my drink and cake I take a seat in the corner of the little cafe.

The End

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