Social ButterflyMature

I felt like a dork. Okay, so I hadnt been the social butterfly I had use to be and Tex probably thought of me like some weirdo. I mean I had barely left my room since he moved in and even for me that was odd. Usually I would try and get out every other day so I didnt spend days on end with no fresh air or sunlight.

Just cause I didnt age didnt stop me from needing things that are required to be an actual living being. Then inviting Tex to go out tonight. I felt like an idiot because I'd come to the full understanding he wasnt on my boat when it came to attraction. Which in someways was a little disapointing but not the worse thing in the world. In fact it was probably best. I didnt really want something to happen between me and Tex then things go wrong and every day becomes awkward cause we live together.

So that was one of my reasons to get myself off the downer that I had a hot guy in my house who had no interest in me or any man for that matter. Sighing heavily I turn to look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a loose black button-up shirt and then some tight jeans. Hopefully I looked casual in a way which also showed I took care of myself as well. I did try.

Turning on my heels I left the sanctuary of my bedroom. I found Tex layed out on the sofa watching tv. "I'm heading out in 10" I said casually.

"I'd better get changed then" Tex says with a laugh. I nod curtly and tug down the the cuffs of my shirt. I had left two buttons open at the top showing my chest a little. Tex leaves coming back in a closely similar outfit to my own. I quickly grab my phone, keys and wallet shoving them into my pockets before gesturing to the door.

Tex heads out first and I follow quickly. Once my stride matches his I shove my hands in my pockets as I walk. We leave the apartment soon enough. "Guess this place must have a pretty good nightlife, huh?"

"It has variation if that's what you're asking" I tell him with a shrug. To be honest this place had its rough corners like any other city and I'd be keeping Tex firmly away from those.

"I'm gonna sound stupid for saying it, but everything's really different to back home" Tex says.

"Well, every place is different" I mutter looking over at Tex. Not just the place but the people.

The End

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