Look outside cave area

I decided to look around the outside of the cave to see if there was anything that could help me find out what type of animal made this nest. I put the bags of berries down at the cave entrance right in front of the nest and started to walk around looking under the bushes and trees. Only thing I was seeing was large dumpings from these creatures. It looked like this thing ate everything it could. There were some large bones in there that were broken up. Looking at the size of the things it ate scared me so I thought it was time to get out of here. I turned to start walking back up to the cave to grab my bags when I saw it standing in the cave entrance eating my berries. It was licking them up little by little. As it turned I could see the wings and knew this was a dragon. I had only heard of these creatures but this one didn't seem like something that would eat a large sheep, cow, or human like the stories said. I didn't want to find out though so I creeped around the back side and started to run.

The End

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