Look inside the cave

I walked into the cave and started to look around near the nest. Nothing was around except this big claw. I guessed that it was from the nest creature but in caves you never know. I put the claw in my bag and continued looking around. In the nest I could see cracked egg pieces, what ever was in this nest is  out side somewhere now. I was so excited thinking about what this could be I stopped paying attention to everything around me. I was startled back to reality when the light in the cave entrance was blocked by something large. I hid quickly so that it would not see me wondering through its home. I watched as this giant winged creature walked around sniffing the berries I had dropped. It appeared as though it was eating them. I moved to the right of where I was hiding to get a better look at the beast, I had never seen anything like it but was almost sure it was a dragon. I had only heard stories of these things but I was sure that was what it was. I noticed that there was some light coming from an area to my right so I slowly started to make my way in that direction. I as reached the area there was a large area in the side of the cave that I could fit through. I crawled out and ran home. 

The End

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