Try to see what that shadow was

Father told me to go home but I decided to take a look around to see what that huge shadow was. No way was that a bird it was way too large. There were rumors around about dragons destroying all the villages around us but our parents always told us they were nothing more then stories.  Could I have just seen a dragon? I started to walk up the hill around the rock area where we fished to see if anything was up there. When I had reached the top I hid behind some bushes.  Something was moving around. To my astonishment it was a large dragon pushing an egg around in a nest. It seemed like it was rolling it gently in a circle. The dragon was unlike anything I had ever seen.   As I was gazing at the dragon I slipped and pushed a rock off the cliff it hit below with a loud sound. I watched as the dragon's head snapped up towards me and his eyes met mine.  I was terrified to see his wings spread out wide and his body arch back.  At that moment, I didn't have time to think- I needed to get out of there.

The End

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