We decided to go and collect a large amount of our favorite berries. We liked to eat them on just about everything we could, so we had to gather these berries when ever we had time. While we were gathering the delicious berries, my father came ac-crossed a very large nest in a cave. This was near the area we always went to collect the berries, they were most plentiful here. We had never seen any nests around the area before, and I have never seen any animal large enough to need a nest this big. My father told me to take the berries that we had gathered and get them home quickly. He said he would be on his way soon but needed to do something. I was more interested in what this could have been from then taking those berries home and father could tell. He repeated to me to take the berries home right away. So I grabbed the bags and started to walk away from him and he headed off in the other direction. 

The End

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