We walked out to an area where the animals would go to drink and graze on the grass around a nice water area. There were all types of animals that would come through this area so we never really knew what we could take home with us. When we got there we laid in the bushes about 30 yards from the watering hole, we watched some small animals walk through but we still had a nice supply of meat at home so there was no point in shooting anything small we were waiting for a large hog or deer to show up. We saw some rustling in the bushes and though it was going to be our lucky day when there was a loud noise that sounded like a giant bird flapping its wings. My father put his hand on my head and pushed me lower to the ground saying in a stern voice “do not make a sound boy”. I laid there in fear not knowing what this thing was that could create such a loud noise and make my father so tense. I had never seen him react this way in my life. I could feel the ground rumble as it landed. You could hear it moving around as if its was looking for something, I was scared that it was looking for us. As loud as this thing was landing it was louder taking off. The screech or roar it let out was unreal! After a few minutes my father let me pick my head up again. He then told me how the stories I have heard about these beasts that fly in the sky and breath fire are true and not just scary stories for the children. Me and my friends had always talked about how cool these dragons sounded and how much fun it would be to have one as a pet. After father knew the creature was gone he told me to get home as quickly as I could, he had something he needed to do, and he ran off.

The End

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