We walked to the ocean side where the rocks and the waves crashed against each other, our fishing spot was to the west of our village. It was a tough place to fish but the fish where big and tasty here. My father was a great fisherman and had a secret bait that we used. Seemed like we never went home with out a fish or two. We had been fishing for not very long when the first fish found fathers tasty treat, the fish fought hard but was no match for my father. He pulled him in quickly, I had also had a bite but lost the fish in a wave. “You need to keep the line really tight” father told me. He wasn’t to worried that I lost it though since he knew he would catch another one before the day was done. Father had noticed that a storm appeared to be on its way so we left after he had caught his second giant fish. I caught one too, it was large enough to keep so it was a good day. As we were leaving a large shadow figure flew over our heads. I didn’t get a good look at it but my father must of since he hurried me into a cavern in the rocks. He would peek out from time to time and then told me to get ready that we needed to make our way home and had to do it quickly. Father told me to hurry home and he would be there shortly.

The End

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