More musings of mine. This is from July, I think. The hotel room was very...inspirational.

He always knew through which door to pass in order to achieve his objective. That was his gift, perhaps one we might envy. He had the power to secure his destiny as he liked, whereas our destinies are governed by chance and the uncertain. Or else maybe the power to change his afore-planned destiny as God saw it, and shape it to become his desire, was a curse.

Perchance it is a good thing that we most of us do not always reach our desires. We must all make decisions which will change our lives, leading us onto a new path chosen by us and by us alone. Yet is ‘chosen' an adequate word?, for we do not know what is in store when we select our path.

And the evils of the earth have much to do with the decisions; they sway and bias the all-important selection. They influence us; it is however our own fault if we allow them to be of consequence when we select our destinies. Hardships craft our characters and wills to be as they should be.

The doors we choose to open are known already to the higher powers and the doors we reject are known also. Each quarrel which passes through our minds at the time of the choice is known. Shall we then change at the last moment, fool the higher powers? If we give in to this, we have let something come between us and our choice.

In vain. The higher powers know already of this last moment alteration. They are not fooled. And whichever door we decide to chance upon, however it may change our lives, we must trust that we shall indeed eventually come to the place to which we are supposed to come, and we will be happy if we take the doors we were destined to risk, the evils not playing any part in our choices.

Perhaps we are lucky. He always knew which door to pass through in order to achieve his objective.

Our objectives? Are they truly what we want and our destined for? Do we know what we want? Can our poor tiny human brains even partially guess at what would be best for our wellbeing and our countenance? We are a selfish race more intent on materialistic subjects, possessions; and every desire is to secure our happiness and satisfaction on earth in some way.

Every little thing we do has a selfish motive. Gestures of generosity are examples set to spur others to share in accordance, a challenge of measurability, a competition of riches. Our objectives are selfish and misjudged, so let us forget our wants and desires and decide on our doors in peace, unheeded by our covetous nature, gluttony of expression, and the jealous evils of the earth.

He always knew which door to pass through in order to achieve his objective. This was his curse, and one which we must pity. He had the power to secure his destiny, whereas our planned destinies of happiness are built upon faith and chance, and if we ignore immorality, we are guaranteed to accomplish contentment.

Or he merely broke destiny for all of us, and nothing was the same after he crossed the threshold of that door.

The End

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