Kathy: Plan B

'OK then team, let's get started.'  I stood and looked at the people in front of me and groaned inwardly.  This was going to be a tough one.  As talented an agent Teddy could be, he thought he should be in charge of this mission and I couldn't deal with someone trying to undermine me when an agent's life could be at risk.

'So?  What's the plan?'  Teddy leaned back in his chair, staring intently at me.  He was just waiting for me to make a mistake, I could tell.

'OK so charging in is not an option here.  We know too little about the location of Agent X, what sort of danger they might be in and how much information they have on Jurgen Muller and Tod Unternehmen.  Bursting in and capturing Muller might make things worse.'

'So if that isn't your plan then what is?'  I could feel my palms sweating as I stood there, knowing Teddy would love what I was about to say next.

'To tell the truth, I don't know.'  A huge grin spread across Teddy's face, his eyes glinting with obvious pleasure at my discomfort.  'This case isn't as clear cut as the ones I have led before, there are so many variables and things that could go wrong.'  I looked at Teddy, wishing I didn't have to ask my next question, but it seemed to be the only way to keep everyone on side.  'I'm going to need help from you guys, I think working as a team is going to work best on this one.'  I could tell I was pleading,but this was the only way this was going to be a successful mission.

The truth is, I'm not as good an agent as I've been made out to be and I haven't done half the things people said I have.  I am just a puppet, sent in on other people's orders to carry out instructions.  I've never led a proper team before on a mission as big as this one.  

And deep down I knew that Teddy should have got the field job when we'd finished training and I should've been put behind a desk.  But I wasn't going to admit that to him now.

'OK then,' Arianna said cheerfully 'do you have any ideas?'

'Well I think we need to send in another undercover agent,' I sat down with my two colleagues and began scribbling notes on a piece of paper.  'If they can find out who Agent X is and get close enough to them to get the information then we'll know what step to take next.'

'And what happens if Agent X doesn't have the amount of information necassery to bring down Tod Unternehmen?'  I could tell Teddy was enjoying questioning my actions, he was gaining control and I had to stop him before he thought he was running this case.  'We can't keep two agents in there for a long period of time or at least one of them will be spotted.'

'Well if Agent X doesn't have the information then we'll have to move to plan B.'  I stayed confident as Teddy's eyes questioned my every statement.

'What was plan A?'  Arianna was looking confused.  'I didn't think we even had a plan A.'

'Plan A is simple,' Teddy started before I could open my mouth.  'It's the standard procedure we take when it is time to bring an organisation down.  Call in the troops and arrest the leaders.'  Annoyingly he was right, he certainly knew his stuff.

'Oh right, of course.'  A smile returned to Arianna's face as she remembered.

'So plan B,' I said, bringing the conversation back to where it was meant to be.  'What I suggest is, when we hear back from our second agent and there isn't enough information, then we...' My voice trailed off.  I had no idea what we were going to do.

'OK how does this sound,' Teddy leaned in.  'When we hear back from our agent then we can analyse the amount of danger Agent X is in and act accordingly.'

'So make it up as we go along?'  I felt something in my stomach twitch.  I wasn't sure if it was fear at not having a solid plan, or excitement for the same reason.

'Basically, yes.'  There was something very smug about the expression on Teddy's face that I couldn't quite work out.  He was probably relishing my struggles to make this work.

'OK then.'  I clapped my hands together, determined to appear confident and in control.  'So now we have our plan, which of us is going undercover?'

The End

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