(Dewei) Mission Time

I leaned back in the chair and watched as the screen lit up, showing a cryptic code which contained information about the latest Dominion mission. From what I could decipher with a paper and a pen, it was a rescue mission. The mission agents were Theodore Grewal, Katherine Willow and Arianna Wilshire.

Who needed to be rescued? Who was in a position that could be compromised at any moment?

It didn't take me long to come up with the answer. Agent X!

Muller and his gang might have stumbled upon something that broke her cover, or maybe she had stumbled upon  information that needed to be relayed immediately.

Katherine was the lead agent. Competent, sure. Trustworthy, no. She used to be my mission partner. She was the one who had turned me in. The one who refused to listen to my theory that I had been framed by someone within the agency.

Arianna Wilshire. A talented freak, but would she always be under their control?

And Theodore Grewal, the analyst from tech. A first-time agent.

These are the agents in whose hands the boss had put Agent X's life. Did they even know who Agent X was? I was one of the very few who knew her identity.

I decided this was it. The mission I would use to prove my innocence by helping them. I couldn't stay in the hideout forever.

With a yawn and a sigh, I got up and started to pack.

The End

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