Doi Soartă ~ Piece #72

Hypothetical Ending Part II of the Doi Soartă series.




The ultimatum echoed in her mind.

“Please!” the generals and military tacticians stopped their plotting to look at her. “Let me go to him! If you use those nuclear warheads everything will be destroyed!” For once they  considered her plea. Then the most authoritative man in the room nodded, “Let her go.”

As powerful as they were even they could not stand up to the strength of multiple atomic blasts. Unable to be contained, it would require such a tremendous amount of force to counter it as to cause a cataclysmic reaction that would destroy the earth itself. It was truly terrifying how intelligent humanity had become and how careless.

As she reached the summit she came into full view of the devastation. Everything was ruined for miles around and far across the horizon was nothing but a desolate wasteland. There were still signs that perhaps people lived here long ago even though the wave of destruction hit only a few hours earlier. 

Yet the profound ache of sympathy she used to have at the slightest injustice had not so much as stirred within her. She looked on apathetically choking down the faint whisper in the back of her mind: They deserved it. they were innocent people just living their lives... were they not? The day she began thinking like himwas the day it was time  to end her silly little crusade – a silent promise she made to herself centuries ago. 

A very slow and steady windless twister was drifting along the wasteland. As if having just realized she was there it began moving towards her, she knew he was at its center. She too set to walking to close the distance between them, bare feet treading surely on bare earth. They stopped and stood there before one another, staring fully into each other's eyes with silent, unreadable expressions. His tie was undone, his collar was open, his hair was a mess but otherwise no worse for the wear – a hard day at work was all. She looked tired in her little lavender dress, a frilly skirt that ended mid-thigh and a strap hanging off of her left shoulder, no shoes or accessories – a little girl that did not know how to clothe herself. The twirling funnel of invisible energy and debris that surrounded him had enveloped her unbiased, sheltering her within the eye of the lethargic storm with him.

“It is over.” the statement settled in the air, thickening the tension between them, the energy around them. The sleepiness that suddenly swept over him made him stumble, “Why...?” She reached out and grabbed his hand, “Do not worry. I will not help them anymore. You can sleep for as long as you need to.” He stumbled again, forward this time, and her hand came to rest on his shoulder. “But they will hunt us...” his speech was getting groggy. She embraced him, an arm around his side and the other over his shoulder, “I will make sure they will not.” Like a boy with unwavering certainty in his mother he nodded, the motion turning into a nuzzle against her neck as he slumped against her. 

In his half-asleep state she began to hear more whispering. They overlapped one another, the feelings deep within his heart, thoughts that existed since the moment of their meeting infinitely long ago.

I will do anything in my power to be forgiven... she could smile for me again.

Just once more, at the end...

if I can embrace her...

...I will endure anything... 

Of their own accord tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her face as she held him even tighter. There was a mix of pain and complacency within him, rage had finally given way to acceptance. His arms came around her and after a long moment of silence, “I did this all for you” was barely audible.

The End

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