Doi Soartă ~ Piece #68

Hypothetical Ending Part I of the Doi Soartă series.

A well-dressed man, a well-to-do looking man stood on the ledge of the highest building of midtown - the business district. Seventy years ago during the great depression this was a common sight, but not this day and age. He had been standing there very calmly for the better part of an hour, staring out at the skyline, the clouds. News vans of every prominent channel had already gathered in the streets far bellow and a police helicopter was beginning to circle in near the building.

For some strange reason the entire floor he was standing on the ledge of was entirely sealed. Worried co-workers were no help whatsoever and the police circling closer in, regardless of their stern, professional demeanor were genuinely worried for their fellow human being, concern creasing their features. Despite the fact they were fooled into thinking he was trying to take his own life; their hearts ached for this handsome well-dress young man. A young man that everyone was convinced they had seen before: a CEO, a family friend, a relative, some even a celebrity. They were all under his spell, having all fallen prey to his enchantments.

An officer reached out from the hull of the helicopter, an older man, an experienced man, "It's ok, son. You're safe now, you don't have to do this." across a sizable gap between the building and machine. All the young man had to do was reach out and jump across but he had not even acknowledged the officer's presence and without any thought to it, no hesitation, no feeling, he let himself drop off of the ledge - falling to earth headfirst. In between surprised gasps there were screams of agony for the imminent loss of this young man that was important by illusion. Everyone had a different name for him and yet they all felt the same deep sense of loss - the coming funeral was too much to bear.

Their sadness grew with deeper certainty each window he passed and yet his face was serene; his fall uniform and graceful as if a merman diving into the ocean one last time. Some braced themselves for the impact, others could not help but look on; but what they witnessed next was nothing short of a miracle. Just as he was about to hit the ground his descent slowed to a stop and he was floating. Elated and startled gasps erupted all around and faint whispers of this man being an angel.

But what the astonished crowd above and around alike had failed to notice, still enraptured by his spell, was the sidewalk and asphalt giving way. Bending beneath an unseen force, they cracked and buckled and soon the first floor of the building he jumped from and even the nearby vans were giving into this crushing spherical force. Finally they began to notice, the spell was fading, and he was almost in his upright position again. They were starting to panic, he smiled at them, and his feet touched the ground. A rising fear gave way to screams and mass hysteria, but just as the sole of his fine black shoe came in contact with cement there was silence, the energy dissipated.

In its wake was a low rumbling shock wave and utter destruction above, bellow, and around him. The buildings began to collapse floor by floor and the helicopter dropped from the sky. Anything man-made was mangled or destroyed and anything man had been completely obliterated - leaving only this well-dressed young man in the middle of a city that was now a ruin.

As he began to walk away he nearly fell to his knees grabbing his chest, gritting his teeth to keep back a scream.

She opened her eyes.

The End

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